Our partnership with Zendesk


Premium+ is a Premier Solution Provider and helps organisations with the issues surrounding the implementation and integration of Zendesk. Our consultants are specialized in developing great customer experiences. They are full of knowledge about improving the workflows of your existing teams or setting up workflows for your new team.

Rest assured that we will provide you with the best services as Premium+ is one of the certified Zendesk partners.

It is not without reason that Zendesk has awarded Premium+ the highest partner level. Our many years of experience and great knowledge ensure that we can provide you with the best possible support.

Premium+ is a "Premium Solution Provider" of Zendesk


That's what Zendesk says about their partners:

"To ensure you have the best possible experience with Zendesk, we have a team of partners around the world with excellent technical skills and a deep understanding of our products. Whether you need consulting, technical assistance, custom development or any other services with Zendesk, you will find a knowledgeable partner to help you in our partner network."