Our email branding service 📬


Email branding helps your customers recognize your emails in the inbox, offers them a better engagement with a message, and reinforces the recipient's trust in your brand. It does so by making the appearance of the email professional and consistent with your brand image and website as well as by adding elements specific to your intricate business needs. 

Email Branding - 240€ (one off)

Our email branding service allows you to customize your email templates with your brand logo, colors, social media links and more to boost your customer support experience. We’ll take the busy work out of matching colors, and create a seamless look across your platforms. 

The service highlights:

  • adding your company logo;
  • adding your brand colors;
  • adding a custom text to the header and footer;
  • adding your social media links;
  • adding links to your main website (services, promotions,...)

Improve your customer-agent interaction and make your emails stand out with our email branding service. 


You can find more examples of this service on our pinterest page