Who is Premium+


Discover our Premium+ world here, get to know us, read about the various services we offer and be amazed of our customised services. 

  About us

Premium+ is your one stop shop for everything to do with Zendesk. We are one of Zendesk's oldest partners and we focus 100% on Zendesk. In that area we are unique as a partner and Premium+ has quickly grown into a leading player in Zendesk implementations, Zendesk branding and Zendesk customization and integrations. 

We have excellent relationships with our customers and work with the following successful companies such as Nike, Carrefour, VTM, MEDIALAAN, Vacature, Edenred en Sergic.

Premium+ is a certified Zendesk partner. 

We are proud to be an official partner of Zendesk and strive to make our relationships with our customers even better!


  Our Help Center themes

All our Help Center themes respond quickly and are designed to work perfectly on your desktop or mobile devices. They are made using the latest technologies. All of Zendesk's original features and tools are available and fully supported by our themes. In addition, we also offer additional extensions to expand your current Zendesk functionalities. This with only one goal and that is to make the customers' experience of your customers even better.

  Our Services

Rebranding Extensions Integrations/apps Training
With our email or help Center branding service, we help to increase your customer relationships and your brand presence so that your customers' confidence in your brand is strengthened. We do this by professionally and consistently building the look of your email and Help Center to your brand image and website.

Our rebranding services

Your advantages

  1. The biggest advantage of working with us is the price of our services. We have the specialists in-house to give you the right advice, set up integration/data migrations, rebranding services, create send desk apps or train your team. As we are among the highest partner levels of Zendesk we can easily tailor a proposal for your licenses and if desired we can also strategically negotiate with Zendesk regarding the price of your licenses. You will always receive a high quality design at a very acceptable price. You don't have to hire any other web designer, web design studio or specialists who know the architecture of Zendesk.
  2. Your second advantage is the fast development of our projects. On average, our rebranding services are handled within 5-7 days and our customer support processes all your requests within 24 hours on average. If you hire another team or another specialist without Zendesk's knowledge, it will take an average of 5-10 days to have a designer make a design and then soon another 5-15 days for a web developer to encrypt the help center.
  3. Zendesk is our specialization. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and expertise at Zendesk, we can guarantee high quality results faster, cheaper and better than freelancers, web studios or direct competitors. We know every detail of Zendesk, even the smallest, and we don't miss anything.
  4. Your agents/employees can be trained by us. If desired, we can also organise customised training courses for your employees /admins in your organisation.
  5. We are locally represented and we are happy to come to your premises to discuss your wishes and as a local partner we can respond very quickly to provide you with a perfect service.
  6. If you wish, we can offer you a service contract with a certain SLA in order to provide you with an even faster service if you wish.
  7. We are a one stop shop for everything to do with Zendesk.
  8. Knowledge of all existing integrations and Zendesk apps. There are already +800 apps in existence that speak to Zendesk. We know which can be an added value for your business and can quickly advise you on the right apps. Do you want to install a paying app? Ask us, we know most of the partners and can install them for you for free in your Zendesk. That gives you the time to test them and only when you are 100% convinced to install them. 
  9. We send you 1 global invoice per year and evaluate your needs annually and coordinate them with the head office of Zendesk.