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Overview of all our help center extensions

"Below you will find an overview of all our extensions that we can install in your Help Center"."

Layout extension (180€)

The variety of possibilities within this extension will really amaze you. With this extension you can take your existing help center to a completely different level.

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Notification/alarm extension (90€)

Add notifications on the main page of your help center, more info here

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Accordion view(180€)

Display your categories, sections and articles in an accordion view.


Tabs on your main page (180€)

See the example of "Product updates" and "What's happening" in example 1, with the Recent Activity/Featured and Announcements/Release Notes



Table of Contents at article level (180€)

It is possible to create a table of contents with a dynamic menu. We can implement a script that will automatically generate all article titles. See an example here.

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Side navigation on the left (180€)

This extension is an elegant way to display categories, sections, and articles in your Help Center. See an example here

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Table of Contents at article and category level (240€)

See an example here


Combination table of contents and side navigation (240€)

See an example here




Advanced Site Navigation (420€)


See an example here 

Previous/next buttons (90€)

Add this extension and let your customers click through to the previous or next article after each article.

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Adding header and footer to your help center

Add the header and footer of your website to your help center. The cost of this option can vary from 180€ to 630€ depending on the design of your header and footer. Check here an example of an integration of the same header and footer in the help center example and the website; send us your wishes by return and we'll make a price for you here.


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