Our phone integration with Wildix


Telephone communication still plays an important vital role in all organisations. Because telephony lends itself ideally to a quick and adequate response and offers the possibility to transfer emotion, telephony forms approximately 40% of the customer contact in most organisations. 

Call center functionality

"With Wildix for Zendesk you get great call center functionalities in your Zendesk for 39€/month/agent.

  About this integration

Premium+ is all about the quality of our integrations. That's why our Zendesk connection with Wildix is designed to optimize the integration between these two systems.

With Wildix for Zendesk you get great call center functionalities in your Zendesk. Our Zendesk App gives you full control over your phone calls directly from Zendesk and we automatically process the most important information about your phone call. Our seamless integration ensures that your agents save time instantly and are better able to support your customers.


  • Seamlessly integrated in Zendesk for optimal conversation with customers.
  • Make and receive calls from the browser, Wildix hardware phones or mobile app.
  • Easy click-to-dial within Zendesk from tickets and user profiles.
  • Direct call control from within Zendesk hold, warm and blind transfers to agents and Wildix users, record and more.
  • Caller ID lookup from Zendesk and other cloud solutions.
  • Easy insight in earlier interactions and the possibility to link the call to existing tickets.
  • Playback call recordings in the linked Zendesk ticket.
  • CDR Reporting with custom and predefined filters to get better insights.


  • An updated browser (ie, Chrome, Firefox, Opera)
  • Smartphone/tablet: any tablet or smartphone

Need additional hardware??

  • W-AIR
    Wildix wireless solution based on DECT technology with automatic provisioning..
  • Desk phones & Headsets
    Wildix Bureaut phones have a simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface. Configuring the phones is easy via automatic provisioning and updates.
  • Ubiconf Devices
    Our video conferencing system is very easy to install in your desk. There's no need to go to the conference room or install additional hardware or software components.

Pricing calls

Your advantages over Zendesk talk

  1. You remain the owner of your own phone numbers
  2. You can port your current numbers to us
  3. You work with a premium integration that has already proved its worth
  4. You do not pay for your inbound calls
  5. You have market-compliant costs for your outbound calls
  6. You have all the possibilities of a modern telephone system to route your incoming flow as you would like
  7. You have no delay on the incoming call in Zendesk
  8. The quality of the phone call is superior
  9. You have the possibility to link an incoming call to a pre-existing Zendesk ticket (i.e. you won't need to create a new ticket for every incoming call). 




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