Customize widget to the language of your website / help center



"We adapt your widget for 120€ (one-off) so that it follows the language of your website or help center and not the language of your web browser".

  About this service

 Premium+ is all about the quality of customer contact. By default in Zendesk, the widget will adapt to the language of your customer's web browser. This means that if your client surfs on your English website, for example, the widget would show up in the Dutch language if he were to surf with a Dutch web browser. This can be annoying, especially if you have not translated certain fields into your dynamic content.

With this service we ensure that we take over the language of your website or help center in the web widget and that all customer contacts run optimally.

Your advantages

  1. Optimal customer contact for your customers
  2. No errors with fields that are not translated into your dynamic content 
  3. Search with your widget for the right articles in the right language


Dutch widget


French widget




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