Our WhatsApp channel for Zendesk


Connect your WhatsApp account to your Zendesk Support and start messaging your customers.

Our pricing model

"Ready to add WhatsApp to your Zendesk Support? Less then 5.000 messages (send and received) 39€/month/account. Less then 15.000 messages (send and received) 59€/month/account and for over 15.000 messages a special quotation will be created for you."

About this app

Whatsapp is a platform on the rise and you need to be where your customers are. With our Whatsapp integration you can reach your customers from where you already handle support, in Zendesk Support.


Our WhatsApp channel allows you to connect your WhatsApp account to your Zendesk Support and makes it possible to receive and reply on all your Whatsapp communications in your Zendesk.

From here you can handle the conversations just like you would with tickets from other channels, you can apply macros, set ticket status, and assign to your agents, just like any other ticket.



  • Connect your WhatsApp account to your Zendesk Support
  • Use WhatsApp for your Customer Service
  • Receive WhatsApp messages in Zendesk and reply in Zendesk to the WhatsApp account of your customers
  • Receive attachments from WhatsApp in Zendesk Support
  • Send attachments as a link from Zendesk Support to WhatsApp


  About us

Premium+ is your one stop shop for everything to do with Zendesk. We are one of Zendesk's oldest partners and we focus 100% on Zendesk. In that area we are unique as a partner and Premium+ has quickly grown into a leading player in Zendesk implementations, Zendesk branding and Zendesk customization and integrations. 

We have excellent relationships with our customers and work with the following successful companies such as Nike, Carrefour, VTM, MEDIALAAN, Vacature, Edenred en Sergic.

Premium+ is a certified Zendesk partner. 

We are proud to be an official partner of Zendesk and strive to make our relationships with our customers even better!



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