Add-on Advanced Security and Data Center Location


*NOTE* Advanced Security and Data Center Location are two separate add ons.


Advanced Security and Data Center Location can be both be added to Zendesk Enterprise.

The cost per add on is €40/license/month,
- Data Center Location : minimum purchase equal to 10 licenses, so €400)
- Advanced security : minimum purchase equal to 20 licenses, so €800)

Over 90,000 customers trust Zendesk with their data. This is not something we take lightly, which is why we ensure that all Zendesk customers benefit from industry-leading security. We are Soc 2 Type II compliant, ISO27001 certified, and provide security features such as encryption-in-transit, disaster recovery, single sign-on, two factor authentication and more. For customers with additional security requirements, we offer features such as encryption-at rest and enhanced disaster recovery as well as the option to choose whether your data center is in the US-only, EU-only or Germany-only. No matter your business requirements, you can rest easy that your Zendesk data is safe.

Why add Advanced Security?

This powerful add-on includes data encryption at rest, enhanced disaster recovery via full data replication and industry specific certifications, including HIPAA for healthcare companies.

Why add Data Center Location?

Specify a region or country where your account data must be stored. Select from US-only or EU-only. Some restrictions apply.

For a deeper dive, check out our documentation on the features of Advanced Security and Data Center Location

Regional Data Hosting Policy

This policy explains the basics of Zendesk’s regional data hosting policy, where Service Data can be Hosted, and where other processing activities occur. “Hosting/Hosted” means the storing, hosting or replicating of Service Data including for archival, backup and log purposes. All other capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein such as “Service Data”, shall have the meaning set forth in Zendesk’s Terms of Service available here.

Where Zendesk Service Data Can Be Hosted

Zendesk Scalability and Performance

At Zendesk, our goal is to help bring companies and their customers closer together—with software that’s easy to use, easy to customize, and easy to scale. To help make customer conversations easy and more productive, it starts with ensuring Zendesk runs smoothly while providing customers with a service that scales to meet their ever-changing needs.

As our customers grow and their needs change, the technology that they depend on everyday needs to scale to meet demand for performance and reliability. Zendesk is built upon an enterprise-level operations and technology architecture that exceeds industry standards and future-proofs your business.

Learn more about Zendesk's Data Center Technical Architecture by reading the attached document.

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